Leading Colors for Spring

Spring is the time of year when the surrounding landscape goes from blah to beautiful and everyone is inspired to embark on new home projects. We had the opportunity to talk with Sunbrella Fabrics Design and Creative Director Gina Wicker about popular colors for spring so you can use them in your next home décor project.

Q. With the dark days of winter behind us, what colors are trending for spring?

A. Purples – from plum to huckleberry – are especially popular this season. Deep royal and neutralized purples such as Canvas Dusk and Fife Plum work well indoors or out and aren’t overly flowery or feminine. As always, oranges and corals work very well this time of year. And if you’re adventurous you can use all of these colors together.

Q. Do fabric trends follow fashion trends in terms of color?

A. Yes, they do, but there is a long lag time from the runway to the living room. We are just now seeing color trends from fashion shows in the fall of last year translating to the home. There is also a level of filtering that goes on. For example, the fluorescent trend was popular in fashion, but it’s a more muted version for the home, such as our fabric Milano Dawn.

Q. What color combinations work really well together for spring?

A. Plum and grey are beautiful together and are leading colors for spring. Mixing in a royal blue such as Isla Breeze adds another dimension. My advice is don’t be afraid to put two strong colors together; we see how well that works with the bold pink and orange in the pattern Zara Sunset.

Q. What fabric colors work well outdoors to coordinate with spring landscaping?

A. It depends on the landscape. For yards with lots of colorful blooms, I recommend choosing fabrics that don’t compete. Neutral colors will complement a garden without overwhelming it. For landscapes with more formal greenery, fabric is your opportunity to add splashes of color. Bold colors such as yellow, orange and pink make a statement and jewel-toned fabrics such as the Brights Collection look beautiful with deep rich greens.

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