Sunbrella Fabrics Take Center Stage During Art Basel in Miami

For one week every year, the art world takes the city of Miami by storm, throwing open the doors of its galleries, filling exhibition halls with the works of new and emerging artists, staging performance art and sponsoring elaborate parties – all for the sake of art. Art Basel, to be exact.

For the past 11 years, Art Basel has been one of the most prestigious art shows in the Americas with more than 260 leading galleries from North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa, showcasing works by more than 2,000 artists of the 20th and 21st centuries. Art Basel has also become a magnet for the “in crowd” with a dazzling array of social events that attract artists, designers and entertainers worldwide. Sunbrella fabrics were a huge part of the festivities this year, sponsoring the AD Oasis at the Raleigh Hotel in conjunction with Architectural Digest and a Design Miami installation with the firm, Snarkitecture from Brooklyn.

The AD Oasis featured various Sunbrella fabrics to create an entertainment venue at the Raleigh Hotel, an iconic art deco style property in South Beach. The fabrics selected included bright orange, green, yellow and blue, creating vibrant vignettes of furniture and shade structures. Guests flocked to the space for three days for parties, shopping and relaxation. A cocktail party cosponsored by Sunbrella fabrics and Architectural Digest honored Mark Cunningham, the interior designer responsible for the amazing venue.

Sunbrella fabrics also were featured in the entrance installation at Design Miami, an exhibit hall featuring a stunning array of jewelry, art, furniture and sculpture. The fabrics were used to create Bend, a series of upholstered foam elements that bend, twist and drape over one another to create a reconfigurable seating environment. Visitors to Design Miami made good use of the upholstered seating, resting their feet after a long day of walking and taking the time to enjoy the installation in the cool shade.

Interested in art and design? Make sure a trip to Art Basel in Miami is on your calendar for December 2013!

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